Who Are We

Founded in the year 1997, ours is an organization, run by young energetic entrepreneurs, engaged in full scale Advertising ,Event Management, Interior Designing, Fabrication ,Outdoor Advertising, Promotional Activities and Audio – Visual Assignments. We broadly provide the following services:


It means defining the brand, positioning the brand, and delivering the brand. Brand management is an art of creating and sustaining the brand. Branding makes customers committed to your business. A strong brand differentiates your products from the competitors. It gives a quality image to your business. Brand Managment involves a number of important aspects such as cost, customer satisfaction, in store presentation and competition. Brand Managment is built on a marketing foundation but focuses directly on the brand and how that brand can remain favourable to customers. Proper brand management can result in higher sales of not only one product but on the other products associated with that brand.Through the years we have been successful in facilitating our clients in developing a good and sustained relationship with the target market.


Creative Marketing is an emerging field which is a cocktail of the best of the creative and the marketing world. Without an influx of creative ideas, marketing strategies can lack the energy and inspiration necessary for a winning campaign. Yet without hard data, research and marketing know-how, some creative ideas just go no where. Hence creative marketing is the comprehensive solution to growing a business in the modern marketplace. Through the years we have consistently garnered successful outcomes for our esteemed clients through Creative and aggressive Marketing Strategies.


Indirect marketing is where there is no direct communication to consumers by companies. It is treated as the next step for establishing brand recognition and awareness. Indirect marketing reminds the consumers about a product of which they are already aware. It is generic in nature, and no segmentation and targeting is required. Manufacturers use indirect marketing when selling through wholesalers and other channels. In this sphere ,we have done many award winning Projects for reputed companies. Few of which are detailed below: